5A Unit 4 Halloween

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一、教学内容:单元Part EFGH


1. 看懂E部分小故事.

2. 了解字母E在单词中的发音。

3. 会说韵诗Halloween


1. E部分短文。

Step 1 Free talk

Halloween is coming. Do you like it ?

I like… What do you like ?

We need some animal masks for Halloween. People usually have a party at Halloween.Do you want to know more about Halloween? Let’s watch a cartoon.Discuss in groups.

Can you say something about Halloween ? What else do you know ?

Step 2 Say a rhyme

We know a lot about Halloween. Look, here are some masks for Halloween. Let’s say the rhyme.

1. First , read it by yourselves.

2. Now , listen to me.

3. Can you read it like this? Who can try ?

4 Listen to me again.

5. Read it together.

Step 3 Listen and repeat

Look , zebras are big animals. He and she are looking at these zebras.

Read : he she these zebra

Here ‘e’ is pronounced …

Read in groups: He and she are looking at these zebras.

Have a competition.

Can you find some other words pronounced /i:/ ? Let’s have a competition. Discuss in fours.

Come to the blackboard and write.

Make some new sentences.

Step 4 Read the passage

1. Do you know something about Helen ?What else do you know ?

Do you want to know more about Helen ? What do you want to know ? Discuss in fours.

We want to know about her family members , jobs and hobbies

2. Read the passage and circle the answers. 快速阅读短文,圈出相关信息。

3. Can you find the answers ? Tell me, please.

4. Read the passage after the teacher ,then read it together.

5. 总结:我们可以从自己、家庭成员的年龄,工作,爱好等方面来介绍。

If we want to know someone’s family.

First , we should know the name and family members: grandparents, parents, sister or brother.

We also want to know their ages and jobs , or something else . What do they look like ?

Then we should know their hobbies:  … like…  

Step 5 Consolidation

We learned a lot about Helen’s family. Look , this is Xiaowanzi. What about her family? Here are some information about her family. Read it in groups and put them in correct order.

 Correct the answer

This is Xiaowanzi’s family. Their life is very interesting . I can tell you more about it . Listen.

Can you make a passage like this ? Discuss in groups.

Step 6 Homework

Discuss in groups and write more about Xiaowanzi’s family.